We are MEI, which means beautiful in Chinese. We chose mei because we strive to achieve beauty in a natural, healthy way. We hope everyone that uses our MEI Camellia Seed Oil products, and our sister product line Ling-Lee, will have beautiful and healthy skin and hair.

MEI Camellia Seed Oil is produced unscented and scented. We offer a signature Bouquet scent that is our version of the subtle and delicate fragrance of the camellia flower. Only a small percentage of the camellia flower produces a fragrance and the flowers that do produce a scent are coveted for their intoxicating aroma.

MEI is family owned business based out of New York City. When we discovered the many benefits of camellia seed oil (after many years of trying different products, from drugstore brands to premium department store products) we were excited about the results from this simple and pure product. We also liked that we could use this product from our face, to our body and even our hair!

If you feel your skin is dry and lifeless, or if you want to restore your skin with a healthy glow, MEI Camellia Seed Oil can keep your skin moist and dewy. A few drops a day will keep your skin moisturized. It will also protect your skin from UV rays and helps prevent freckles, age spots and wrinkles. Your hair will also benefit from MEI Camellia Seed Oil; just a touch of our oil will add shine and create a smooth look that is soft to the touch.

A note about our uniquely scented Camellia Oil:

With months of help from one of France's most prestigious perfume company, we captured the highly characteristic scent of the camellia flower. Although duplicating the camellia's light and lively aroma wasn't easy, we believe that we have reproduced the flower's natural elegance. Its light distinctive aroma rejuvenates the spirit and washes away any stress from your day.